Lucy Pittaway

Award Winning Soft Pastel Fine Art

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy browsing through my artwork.

Here's some info about the collections I have produced so far and how I feel about Art...

I love how art has endless possible outcomes; how the first stroke on a piece of paper or canvas is the beginning of a journey into what can sometimes be an unknown outcome. It’s like looking at a crossroads and facing numerous options of direction, so many possibilities and so many different ways of reaching them. The art I have created over the years has taken on many forms and been greatly influenced by my own personal journey through life. I love to explore rich colours and there’s something about the sky that always stimulates my creative thoughts.This is evident in the Ever Changing Horizons collection. This theme has also been very prevalent in my collection titled simply The Houses, which is based around a story about relationships. The Sheep Artwork is a very popular collection and depicts cuddly characters full of mischief or simply affection and warmth. My Cycling and Le Tour collection was born out of my trips to France to watch the Tour De France, The Tour de Yorkshire or to watch my husband try to conquer his next mountain! The Dreaming of Yorkshire collection covers some of the beautiful areas of my now homeland and hopefully captures the essence of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. My latest collection The Cows is a mix of work created for my tribute exhibition to my Father and also my trips to Surrey to The Devil's Punch Bowl.

Art is a vehicle to expressing what one feels or sees through multiple visual means. Its perception, emotion, vision; its colour, texture, form and function all come together to form an image in the mind. Like a love letter without words, a harsh and brutal truth or a chapter in a story, I love how a piece of Art can influence the way you feel. I never tire of its many facets and I never tire of learning from it. I hope when you browse through my work you will see just how much I have enjoyed creating it and how it has such strong links with my life. Best Wishes, Lucy